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12th October, 2019

Continuous Professional Development

"If art can change the world, artist must be agents of change" (John Johnston).

In her presentation, Henrike shared the results of her artistic research in Northern Ireland and her method which she calls the 'regenerative art method'. The workshop included experiential art exercises. A space where participants shared their different experiences of using the creative arts in their fields. We also reflected about how art and creative practices can be regenerative.

Delivered by:

Henrike Gootjes

Henrike is an artist, art therapist and educator and she uses artistic methods to research ideas about belonging, borders and agency. Henrike graduated with an international masters in Art Therapy that aims to equip artists as agents of change, in the field of human rights, ecology, conflict resolution and other current global issues.


16th & 17th September, 2019

Continuous Professional Development

LEELAH:PLAY FOR ITSELF. A phenomenological approach.

The Leelah model is based on work within a framework story and was inspired by the game of Dungeons and Dragons. The story creates a work space that takes place entirely in a playful experience. The process takes place by means of free role-playing games, from a guiding position that joins, minimizes intervention, while stressing the therapeutic and autonomous value of the game.

Delivered by:

Dov Blum-Yazdi

Drama Therapist and Clinical Criminologist.

Graduate of psychotherapy mind-body-spirit program.

Doctoral student in psychoanalysis and Hermeneutic: Bar-Ilan Uni.

Works in "Place to be" a drama and arts therapy studio; Drama Therapist for high school youth groups, Ministry of Education; Supervision and teaching in Arts Therapist training programs.

Dov copy.jpg

16th May, 2019

Psychotherapy Profession Warrant

The Board for the Psychotherapy Profession in Malta invited all creative arts therapists to the Warranting Ceremony as psychotherapists at Mediterranean Conference Centre Valletta.  


Honourable Dr. Michael Falzon, Minister for Family and Social Solidarity officiated this event.

Warrant 01.JPG

26th November, 2018

CATSMalta 10th Anniversary Celebratory Lecture

The Arts Therapies – How does change happen? 

What we know, what we don't know and what we can't know.


Delivered by:

Professor Phil Jones

UCL Institute of Education


6th January, 2018

Continuous Professional Development

"Not only words"

Held as part of the 2017 BADth annual conference

Delivered by:

Daniel Mercieca

Psychotherapist (dramatherapy) Clinical Coordinator (Adolescents) at Caritas Malta

IMG_8962 resized_edited_edited.jpg

6th - 9th April, 2017

Continuous Professional Development

European Federation of Dramatherapists (EFD) and membership and 3rd EFD Conference workshop.


A workshop was held at the 3rd Conference of EFD  "Setting the Stage" in Ghent (Brussels). This was an opportunity for CATSMalta to become an active European member.

Current EFD Representative:

Joseph Tanti

Freelance dramatherapist ( and Senior Psychology Lecturer.

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