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Larissa Zammit

Health and Social Care Professional

+356 79807714

I can say that Art was always the medium that I utilised to communicate both with myself and others from a young age. It also served as an inspiration and as a way for me to escape from daily life stressful moments. Moreover, this was one of the most effective ways how I could express my thoughts and feelings in a peaceful manner. Throughout my development both as a person and also professionally I was always motivated and inspired to continue pursue my artistic skills. I have attending various art lessons which helped me to learn various techniques that continued to enhance my artistic expression. The use of pastels, acrylic, water colours, pencils and other mediums continued to assist me in delving into a world that allowed me to express myself freely, a place where I always felt safe. My artistic inspiration was also something which I always tried to combine with my professional role while working with children, adolescents and persons with disability. Through a combination of evidence based artistic practice I aspire to continue delving into the field of art therapy, which I am sure that it could serve as a safe space for various client groups to also express themselves and develop their full potential.

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